Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson

Actress Amy Jackson is the debutant director for Tamil Cinema through ‘Madrasapattinam’. Because of the name given to him, he starred in the film ‘2.0’ with superstar Rajini in Tamil cinema. Shankar directed this film. Earlier, Shankar’s ‘I’ starred with Vikram.

In this case, Amy, who played some films in the Bollywood world, has recorded a social network. He said, “He was pregnant. ‘Right now, it seems like I have to tell the story of motherhood from the teddy bear. I have only love for you that you do not have any in this world. I wait to see our baby. ” In addition, she was accompanied by her fiancée photo with George Panayiotou. These photos are now on the Internet. As Mother Mother’s Day was celebrated yesterday in England, Amy has been happy with this message.

Furthermore, Amy’s future husband, George Panayatto, is a UK businessman. He has many star hotels. It was noteworthy that last year’s engagement took place between him and me.


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