Stylish star Allu Arjun is going to direct his next film with Trivikram. Trivikram is very sure that the hero look should be appropriate to the story he wrote. That’s why the bunny has come up with instructions. Allu Arjun will be seen in two different looks. Allu Arjun Strict Diet Meytin is going to change the direction of the director. And what a stylish star look is going to be a few days to tell.

Allu Arjun has taken a lot of gap after ‘Surya’. As the film did not give the expected result at the box office, it is going to go ahead with the selection of stories. Bunny was satisfied with the story of Trivikram after many directors heard stories. The film will be released in 2019. The film is likely to start in the second week of April. Allu Arjun’s birthday on April 8 will be released after that.

The film is going to be a massive production of hi-tech productions and Geeta Arts. Pre-production works are going on. Taman is going to make music for this film. Full details will be announced shortly.


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