TV actress and Big Boss 12’s Contestant Producer Ramesh and TV actor Rohit Sucheti along with former Big Boss participants Somi and Saba Khan also celebrated Holi.

Bollywood Actor and Big Boss 12’s Contestant Producer Srishti Rhode celebrated Holi with her alleged Boyfriend TV actor Rohit Sucheti. During this, both of them had a lot of dance on Bollywood songs. Before them, former Big Boss participant Soumi and Saba Khan were also present. This gang of Big Boss, together with Holi, enjoyed it very much.

Srishti has continued to deny her relationship with Rohit but Rohit has accepted this relationship. Talking to the Bombay Times, Rohit Sucheti said that I pointed to many times but never said openly. I like her. I do not know what his reaction will be on this matter.

The proximity of Srishti and Rohit is also seen outside. When Srishti was in relationship with Manish Nagdev, Gap would have kept it. Let’s say that Srishti and Manish were in the relationship for 4 years. Both were also stopped and both of them were going to get married. After this both of them were broken.

There was also news that Srishti and Rohit went together in Bangkok. Both of them have clicked the photo together. Recently, the relationship between the two of them was revealed. At present, this couple has celebrated Holi with each other.


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