Clever Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Life can be hard. We have deadlines to meet, bills to pay and obligations to keep with friends and family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some easy and quick shortcuts to save a few minutes or even a few dollars? Well, today we covered these following 10 amazing life hacks which were thinking many people don’t know about.


If you enjoy camping or heading out on long walks, then you know that the right kind of footwear can be vital. However, whether you’re living at a weekend on a campsite or hiking through a lush forest, you’ve likely experienced the annoyance of wet feet. Sure your shoes are super awesome because they’re comfy but they aren’t the best at keeping the water out. Well, there’s a pretty easy and cheap hack to fix that. Unless you are ready to dish out a lot of cash on purpose made hiking boots, head to your closet. Find those old and comfy shoes you’ve had around for years. Now, take some beeswax that you can buy online and rub it all over the shoes. Once they’re covered, take a hair dryer and melt the wax. If you’re doing it right it should go from cloudy to clear. You’ve just turned your comfy walking shoes into comfy waterproof shoes that can keep your feet dry on that rainy camping weekend or long morning walk. No need for chemicals or expensive sealers. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee this hack will work if your shoes are ripped or have holes in them. Give us some time though, and we’ll see if there’s a life hack for that as well.

Removing a Name

A lot of people set their schedule by the sports season. Whether football, baseball, hockey or soccer nothing gets us pumped to sit in front of the old boob tube and hurl insults like a professional sporting event. If you have a team jersey that’s even better. However, we bet there’s more than few of you out there who have a jersey with the name of a player that no longer plays for your team. Yes, they are a traitor and that name needs to be removed so your buddies don’t point and laugh. There’s a fairly easy fix for this. Since most names are put on with heat and adhesive, you’ll need an iron, damp cloth and butter knife. Hold the damp cloth over the name – one letter at a time. Apply a generous amount of heat from the iron. Then, take the knife and immediately start rubbing away at the letter. It should just scrape right off. No need to buy a new jersey or hire someone to “Professionally” remove the name. Worst case, some adhesive is left on the back of the Jersey. This can often be removed by using acetone or nail polish remover and a little soaking and scrubbing. Just be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area.

Take-Out Hack

This life hack is super simple but it does require a modern car. So, we all love occasionally heading out to pick up some takeout. Maybe it’s for the big game which you can now enjoy more with your newly de-named Jersey perhaps? Anyway the big problem man has faced since the invention of the automobile is that by the time you get the food home it has cooled significantly. There is a hack to get your pizza warmer and your fries hot. The next time you head out to grab food make sure your passenger side has the heated seat feature turned on full. In the winter this can definitely be the difference between opening the box to a piping hot pizza or being greeted by a semi congealed mass of cheese. Even in the summer this can help by acting as a bit of a hot plate for your food. Don’t have a heated seat? All we can say is that the only other easy option is to crank that hot air up all the way. It may help your food a bit but it will make things rather uncomfortable for you.

Lost and Found

You’ve likely found yourself in this situation at least once in your life. You’re fiddling with an earring, trying to hang up a picture or in the middle of assembling some sort of object. Maybe your arm gets bumped or the family dog brushes up against the table. The next thing you know is that that earrings, screw or nail has fallen and gone behind a heavy cabinet or even down the air vent. In most cases either your hand is too big or not long enough to reach the object you need. We have an easy peasy hack to solve this situation. Go grab your vacuum cleaner. Now, before you say you don’t want to dig around in a vacuum bag to find the object in question, have no fear. Take a stocking or pantyhose and put it over the end of the vacuum tube and fix it in place with an elastic. Now let that vacuum suck harder than the 2008 Detroit Lions. The stocking will prevent the earring, screw or nail from shooting up into the vacuum and in no time you’ll be back on track.

Crisp Collar

If you look in your closet or drawers, we bet you have at least a few shirts that have collars. Whether it’s that standard looking golf shirt or that hideous beautiful Hawaiian getup your grandmother brought you back from vacation, colors are pretty much everywhere. And since it’s nearly impossible in life to exist solely on undershirts and Star Wars t-shirts we think you should know about a handy little hack to help you keep that tidy appearance. After all, you’ve likely also noticed that those collars have a tendency to roll or get bent. That can make you look like a slob. Instead of pulling out the iron and going through the whole production, why not take a simpler approach. You know that hair straightener you or your significant other has? Well, it’s basically a mini iron that coincidentally works great on making callers flat and straight. No need to drag out the iron. No need to set up a place to press out your collar. The best part is you can do it while you’re wearing the shirt. Just be careful with that thing around your neck and face because they can get pretty hot.

Walnut Repair

In the world of superfoods there are some easily identifiable standouts. For instance, everyone knows that foods like kale, broccoli and blueberries are incredibly good for you because they’re loaded with all sorts of nutrients other foods just don’t have. Then there are walnuts. For generations this meaty little nut has been pushed aside for the more popular peanut, almond or even pistachio. Yet, we think the walnut is the ultimate superfood. Why’s that? Well, sure, there’s all the great nutrition, healthy fat and links to producing various heart and stroke risks. But we were really angling for the furniture fixing properties. If you’re scratching your head, let us explain. It turns out the same little nut you can eat can also be beneficial fixing up lightly damaged wood furniture. Does that tabletop have some fine scratches? Are the chair legs all scratched up? What about that chess board after years and years of use? Take a walnut – out of the shell of course – and rub it over any wooden surfaces that have scuffs and scratch marks. The oil and meat will rub off onto the surface. A few minutes later, wipe it all down and you will see a notable improvement. Sure, it’s not as good as a professional restorer, but hey, it’s a walnut!

Useful Toothpaste

That whole walnut thing has us wondering what else around the house might be used as a little life hack. Let’s grab that tube of a toothpaste from the bathroom and, hey! let’s head outside. Have you ever noticed the plastic covering over your headlights on the car get foggy over time? In addition to looking pretty bad it can also reduce the amount of light projected onto the road at night. Various companies have come out with products that can clean and restore the look of your lights. Yet, if chemicals aren’t your thing, just use toothpaste. Place a bit of the paste on the plastic cover and rub it around in small circles. The fine grit found in the toothpaste works away the outer layer of plastic made foggy by years of UV rays and weathering. Once done, buff it off and see the difference. Now, this hack will work for a few weeks to a couple of months until the air and UV rays work their magic and start fogging things up again. You can slow this process greatly by sealing your cleaning job with a layer of wax or polish. All you need is stuff you already had around the house and no need to buy a whole new part.

No Charge Hotel

If you’re like us, then when you head out anywhere you have to take your phone with you. If it’s a longer trip, it’s still not a problem because you can just bring a charger along. But what should happen if you’re traveling outside North America and you forgot the adapter required to use your charger? Before you head that mini-fridge to drown your sorrows and wait for that final bar on your phone to disappear, know there is hope for this hack to work, all you need is the USB cable in your charger kit and a hotel room with a flat panel HD television. Search around the back end sides of the television for the distinctive USB slot. Once located, plug in the cable and your phone should start charging. Worst case scenario, the television needs to be on to do this. If that’s the case, put on a music channel and do a little happy dance knowing you can stay connected to your friends and family. Of course, this will also mean you are connected to work so don’t blame us if this hack ruins your tropical vacation.

Easy Antenna

Speaking of HD televisions, that’s got us thinking of another hack many of you can benefit from. Today, more and more people are cutting the cable and ditching the dish in favor of streaming. After all, for a relatively small fee every month you can get a ton of movies and television shows through providers like Netflix and Amazon. But let’s be honest, this switch can also leave you more than a little cut off from local news and programming not normally carried on streaming services. Sure, you’ve got your phone and a bunch of apps like Twitter to stay in the know but it’s not the same as watching it on TV. Well, we have a ridiculously easy and cheap app and we’ll get local HD legally and free. Take a paper clip, straighten out a small part of it and plug that bad boy gently into the back of your TV where the antenna hookup is. The paper clip lets your TV pick up free over-the-air HD signals and your TV does the rest. This works best for people who live in or near major urban area since that’s where the broadcast stations are. Even if you live out in the middle of nowhere, there’s a chance the paper clip antenna can get you at least one channel.

Standout Shoes

If the Internet is to be believed, then the average American man owns around 12 pairs of shoes while women own 27! Regardless of how many pairs you own, you know that shoes can get expensive. Also, as we wear them on our feet when we walk outside, these same shoes can get very dirty. Even if you take good care of them, your favorite running shoes can soon look rather grubby. It can get to the point where you might be too embarrassed to wear them and opt just buy a new pair. Well, put that wallet or purse away because there’s an easy little hack it will save you money and save those favorite shoes of yours. Don’t worry about all those purpose made cleaners and protectors. In fact, there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing away just to get your shoes to glow grab yourself a tide to go pen or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Treat the dirty spots and wipe clean. Nine times out of 10, this simple little technique will do the trick. Since many homes already have one of these products in the bathroom or laundry room, it’s also a pretty convenient way to make those shoes look new longer.


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