Actress Kriti Sanon discloses her secret that helped her lose weight during lockdown

Bollywood beauty Kriti Sanon is hailed as Bollywood's fittest with a physique to kill.

Image Credit: Kriti Sanon Instagram account

Bollywood beauty Kriti Sanon is hailed as Bollywood’s fittest with a physique to kill.

And though the lockdown could have played spoilsport for many fitness freaks with the closure of gyms, the Luka Chuppi star isn’t letting it be a hindrance in her weight loss journey.

Talking about the process of shedding the extra kilos, Kriti turned to her Instagram Story with a message of encouragement for everyone looking to do the exact same and giving her dietitian a shout-out.

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“For those who wanna get their daily diet routine on track! She’s the one you need!”

“Thank you so much for guiding me through this weight gain and loss process for Mimi. Wouldn’t have been possible without you! Had gained 15kgs, and despite the lockdown, lost most of it. Just maybe 1.5 kgs more to go,” Kriti wrote.

During an earlier live session, Kriti had spoken about her weight gain process, Stating: “We had to shoot the pregnancy scenes and Laxman sir was very clear that it was necessary to gain weight for those scenes because he didn’t want the character to have a chiseled face.”

“Since I have a high-metabolism, I knew this was going to be a task for me. I knew I had to increase my appetite and calorie intake, so I completely stopped working out, even Yoga! I used to have poori-halwa-chana as breakfast and sweets after every meal. Though I enjoyed initially, later I had to force myself to eat as I had lost interest in food. In fact, when I used to not feel hungry, I used to eat a cheese slice,” Kriti said.

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