Barbara Windsor: Heartbreaking reason EastEnders star never had children exposed

Barbara Windsor has been moved right into a full-time residential care dwelling after her battle with Alzheimer’s illness worsened throughout coronavirus lockdown. The beloved BBC star, who performed Peggy Mitchell in ‘EastEnders’ till 2016, is taken into account a nationwide treasure to many after many years on TV and in movie. Her husband Scott Mitchell revealed the damning toll of the sickness on her well being in current months, which he described as an “emotional rollercoaster” that felt “like bereavement” to The Sun. The former actress, now 82, gushed her love for Scott lately, who she felt was her soulmate after quite a few excessive profile relationships and affairs, together with with one the Kray Twins. In a candid interview, she defined why she knew her husband, who’s round 25 years her junior, was the right match for her and why she determined to by no means change into a mom.

Barbara blamed difficulties throughout her childhood for her avoidance to change into a dad or mum and revealed that she had 5 abortions all through her life to make sure she might pursue he profession as a substitute.

She instructed the Sunday Mirror in 2000: “People think you must be a monster if you don’t want kids but I’ve never been one of those women who go ga-ga over babies.”

The TV star, who featured within the ‘Carry On’ movie franchise, admitted she did not have “any regrets” concerning the determination and shockingly had been branded “selfish” by some for it.

Barbara continued: “I’ve been told it is, but I’ve just never had those maternal feelings. I am a nurturer by nature, but I nurture adults – my friends, the people I work with. I don’t want to nurture children.”

Problems throughout her personal upbringing left her unsure about motherhood after her mother and father had a messy divorce that she was pressured to testify in – within the lead as much as that she struggled extensively. 

She mentioned: “My home life as a child was so unhappy that the people in showbusiness became my family. Children never featured. 


Barbara Windsor news: EastEnders actress was moved to a full-time care home over Alzheimer’s disease (Image: GETTY)


Barbara Windsor news: EastEnders actress married Scott Mitchell in 2000 – he’s her third husband (Image: GETTY)

“I even hated dolls as a girl and every time a new baby came into the family I was completely bored by it.”

The star believed those strong feelings stretched back to her father, who abandoned her at 15 years old after she gave evidence against him in court. 

Barbara said: “He just cut me dead after the court case, I didn’t hear from him for nearly 20 years. I think it was then I started to pander to men. 

“I have always had this thing about being eager to please. I think I was subconsciously trying to make sure these men didn’t abandon me like Dad did.”

Scott Mitchell, the star’s husband of 20 years, was her third marriage after being with Kray Twins’ affiliate Ronnie Knight for 21 years and Stephen Hollings, a chef from Yorkshire, for 9.

Even her selection in companions influenced her option to keep away from motherhood, she mentioned: “You don’t understand, I just didn’t want them. 

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Barbara Windsor news: EastEnders star married Kray Twins associate Ronnie Knight (left) in 1964 (Image: GETTY)

“The men in my life were children enough for me. Anyway, I had a career. It wouldn’t have been fair. I know people might say, ‘Hasn’t she ever heard of contraception?’

“But when I was really young no one ever talked to me about sex or babies. When I got pregnant the first time I actually didn’t know how it had happened. How was I to know you got pregnant by having sex?”

Barbara attributed her husband Scott with helping her to move on from the ill-feeling she had about her childhood, which she felt heavily influenced her relationships.

She said: “I’m always worried that I’m a nuisance. I suppose even that stems from my parents’ divorce. 

“For years, I believed it was my fault they split up, that if I hadn’t given evidence in court they’d still have been together. 

“So I’ve spent my whole life trying to make other men happy, trying to make their lives easier. But I’m trying to come to terms with the problems I had with my father. 

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“Scott has made me talk a lot about it and I think it’s going to be OK.”

In a heartbreaking confession, Barbara confessed her fears about their age gap – that is around a quarter of a century – was not about infidelity or her being older than him but her health. 

She said: “I just worry because I’ve had a few aches and pains recently and, at the pace I work, that isn’t good. 

“I just keep saying to myself, ‘Please God, don’t let my body give up on me now that everything is so good’.”

Barabara gushed that her and Scott “will always be together” and joked that they have been like “two funny little gnomes” pottering round their home.

She added: “We cook together, we laugh together and we talk a lot.

“I know he loves me very much… I was never completely sure of Ronnie [Knight] or Stephen [Hollings]. But I am sure of Scott – more than I’ve ever been sure of anyone.”

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