Emma Watson becomes Hollywood’s Queen with her ethical dressing

Image Credit: Emma Watson Instagram account

Emma Watson is best known for playing beloved characters connected with childhood. For some, she will always be Harry Potter’s frizzy-haired overachiever Hermione Granger or the bookish Disney Lady Belle.

The 30-year-old celebrity has moved on from both roles and turned into maturity with grace. She is duty-bound to making accountable fashion choices.

Image Credit: Emma Watson Instagram account

As an early adopter of sustainable style, Watson has used her character to market brands that reflect her beliefs. This means wearing labels that use zero-waste factories, ethically-sourced substances, and that maintain a commitment to being cruelty-free.

Image Credit: Emma Watson Instagram account

As an actor with access to everything, she could easily rely on runway samples. Instead her high fashion moments are considered and intentional; she will ask bespoke pieces that push designers to adopt a green sensibility or choose classic.

Image Credit: Emma Watson Instagram account

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