FRIENDS: It Wasn’t ‘Janice’ Maggie Wheeler Who Said ‘Oh My God’ MOST Of The Times But These Two Actors

FRIENDS: It Wasn't 'Janice' Maggie Wheeler Who Said 'Oh My God' MOST Of The Times But These Two Actors
FRIENDS: It Wasn’t ‘Janice’ Maggie Wheeler Who Said ‘Oh My God’ MOST Of The Times But These Two Actors

While Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe & Ross are the most loved characters of Friends, no one can deny that Janice played by Maggie Wheeler has made us laugh like crazy. Whenever she came on screen and screamed “Oh maai gaaawd”, it literally made us choke with laughter. No matter how repetitive it was her expression has always been so funny. And then her laughter! Who can forget it?

While Janice literally made “Oh My God” a synonym of her name, she wasn’t the one who said it most in the show. Surprised? That’s true! Maggie Wheeler’s Janice character didn’t say “Oh My God” most of the times in the show but it was Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) & Monica (Courteney Cox).

A fan took the time and made the effort to count all the Oh My God moments in Friends and guess what! He concluded that Janice appeared only 19 times in the whole 10 episode show. But it was Rachel and Monica who used the phrase more than 500 times each.

According to mirror.co.uk, when the fan started the process he thought Janice would be the champ. He even double checked his study and found it correct.

According to a study by the said fan on Reddit, Oh My God was said 1069 times in the show. The fan also noted that among the main cast, Joey is the one who has said it least number of times that is 67. If we talk about Monica, she used the expression 5 times just in Episode 8 of Season 5 when Janice says it only once. It has also been said that there was a peak in the use of the expression in the finale.

Talking about how much time he spent on the study, the fan said, “Stupid amounts… initially I thought it would just be funny to know the total. But, things got out of hand.”

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