Saif Ali Khan recalls being Rejected from first film ‘1992’s Bekhudi’

Saif Ali Khan
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Actor Saif Ali Khan has recalled why he had been thrown out of the 1992 film Bekhudi, intended to be his Bollywood debut, since the director felt he was not’showing sufficient interest. The actor went on to make his debut in the 1993 Yash Chopra film Parampara.

Recalling his first day on a movie set, Saif told Mumbai Mirror that he was shooting for a song, with director Rahul Rawail and his co-star, Kajol. “I had to tear through fake cobwebs and emerge, singing a line that went, ‘Chaahat Ki Raahon Mein, Kyun Itna Darti Hai’. It was not easy because my expression had to change as I went from ‘chaahat ki raahon mein’ to ‘kyun itna darti hai.’”

“I might just about pull it off today, but, back then, straight out of a boarding school in England, I was petrified. I must have performed really badly because soon after, Rahul Rawail threw me out of the film, complaining I wasn’t showing enough interest. That shot, I must admit, was particularly appalling.”

Saif said that it was about the time of Dil Chahta Hai he could eventually be himself on screen as opposed to trying to ape somebody else. He explained that he deliberately chosen for the use of the elder brother in Race, despite being offered the younger brother’s part, since he believed that the character was responsible.

“Around Baazaar, I began to approach acting differently, perhaps because it heralded a new wave in Hindi cinema, giving actors like me a chance to reinvent.”

Saif most recently appeared in the period drama Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, a box office success after a series of flops and mediocre performers.

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