Zoa Morani gets discharged from hospital after treatment for Coronavirus

Image Credit: Zoa Morani instagram account

Actor Zoa Morani Was discharged from Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital after recovering from the coronavirus. She took to her Instagram tales to announce the great news with a selfie.

From the Pic, Zoa is seen wearing a surgical mask, with hospital personnel wearing hazmat suits visible in the background. “Time to bid farewell to my warriors from a distance and keep them in my prayers forever! Time for #homesweethome!” her caption read.

Image Credit: Zoa Morani instagram account

On Saturday, during an Instagram live session with celebrity Varun Dhawan, Zoa reported that she was responding well to treatment and expected to return home in a day or two.

Right from the next day of her treatment, Zoa started to show signs of improvement. “Ever since I arrived at the hospital, I’ve felt 40 times better. My breathlessness ceased on the next day could feel small congestion and a little fever, but it is so much better than I was feeling at home,” she said.

“Coming to the hospital has been the best decision. I feel like I have cured immediately, and I can go home,” she added.

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Zoa’s younger sister Shaza Morani had also tested positive for the coronavirus, and it has made a complete recovery. However, their dad and manufacturer Karim Morani, is still undergoing therapy after testing positive for the virus.

Speaking about being diagnosed with the coronavirus, Zoa had informed Varun, “I couldn’t believe it because I was glued to the news and seeing all of the stories. And then, to suddenly realise that you have it, is a bit scary. But I promise, as soon as you go through it, you realise it is manageable. It is nothing to be fearful about; it feels like the normal flu.”

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