10 Moments That Will Make You Hate The World A Little Less

The world may seem like a dark place right now, and people may be your least favorite part of it. But, there are truly good people out there if we look. Here are 10 photos that will restore your faith in Humanity!

#1. Team Hoyt

When Rick Hoyt was born after being deprived of oxygen, he was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. His parents, dick and Judy, paid hefty money for a good education and technology for Rick so they could communicate. When Rick wanted to participate in a 5k, dick pushed him in his wheelchair and came in second to last. But after Rick said, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped,” Dick started training so his son could feel more normal. Today, the two have participated in triathlons and marathon, with dick flowing and pushing Rick the entire race.

#2. Free Haircuts

A 29 Year Old barber by the name of Joshua Coombes works at one of the nicest hair salons in London. But during his time off, he gives free haircuts to the homeless. It’s all part of a campaign by Josh and his friends, using the hashtag #Dosomethingfornothing, to encourage people to help others in any way they can for free.

#3. Solidarity

When Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy, she lost her hair. So, 11 of her friends decided to shave their head in solidarity and support their friend during this trying time, and they hired South African photographer to capture the moment. The friends donated their hair to a cancer organization, showing support for others going through the same ordeal.

#4. Kittens in a Basket

During a flood, animals are often the main casualties as people will scramble to get to safety, unaware that a furry friend might get caught in the current. But in this photo, a young man was willing to risk his life to rescue a litter of kittens, with mom swimming by next to him to ensure her baby’s safety. The photograph was taken by BiswaRajan Rout, who was nearby to capture the incredible moment.

#5. A Mile in his Shoes

In this photo, we see an anonymous man give a homeless girl his shoes in Rio De Janeiro. As you can see, the girl is overcome with emotion, and the man doesn’t care that he won’t have shoes because he probably has a few more pairs at home. It’s the perfect example of sharing your goods with the less fortunate.

#6. Running for Water

In 2010, Kenyan runner Jacqueline Nytepi Kiplimo was running the zhengkai international marathon in China when she saw a fellow runner suffering from dehydration. But the runner had no arms from the elbow down, so he couldn’t grab the water bottles that the race was handing out. So Kip limo grabbed a water bottle and helps a man drink water, and she stayed with him for most of the race. Now helpful deed cost her the win, but she has no regrets about it.

#7. On Target

In February 2015, a teen in North Carolina was in target looking for a clip-on tie and got much more. When the store had no clip-on ties, an employee named Dennis Roberts showed the teen how to tie a tie, and even gave him some tips on how to nail the job interview when another customer shot this photo.

#8. I’m Sorry

Christians are typically seen as against homosexuality. During the Chicago Pride Parade in 2010, there was a ministry called the pastoral care for the Marin foundation who wanted to take a stand. Instead of the typical lecture and judgment from traditional Christians, the foundation held up signs saying “I’m Sorry” to the LGBT community, and people were so moved they left their parade spots to hug them.

#9. Man’s Best Friend

When John Unger found out that his dog Schoep had severe arthritis and may need to be put down soon, he decided to try water therapy to help alleviate Schoep’s pain. Unger called his photographer friend Hannah Stonehouse to snap a few pictures as Unger and Schoep swam in Lake Superior, and an internet sensation was captured. Stonehouse uploaded her favorite photo of the man and dog, and the photo went viral. People were so moved by Unger and Schoep’s story that they Donated money and medicine to help with Schoep’s pain. In the photo, you can see that Schoep is completely at peace and relaxed with his best friend.

#10. Happy Birthday

In 2012, in the Brazilian state of Bahia, thousands of policemen were on strike, which got so bad that the government had to call in the military. On February 7th, general Goncalves Dias requested that there be no fighting on his birthday, which the striking policeman obliged, and even delivered a Birthday cake to the very grateful General.

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