Here’s an exclusive clip of Johnny Flynn as David Bowie in ‘Stardust’

A new clip of Johnny Flynn as David Bowie in Stardust has just been released exclusively for Music News – check it out below.

The clip sees Flynn as Bowie confront his manager Ron Oberman (GLOW star Marc Maron in the film) about their lack of success in America.

Stardust is released this week (January 15) on digital platforms in the UK, and sees Flynn writing original songs for the film.

Check out the new clip here:

Recently reflecting on Bowie fans’ response to the film, Flynn told Music News he received “homophobic abuse” for his performance.

“I’m not big into social media, but I was getting a lot of violent hate mail and stuff from people saying: ‘You played him like he’s insecure,’” Flynn said. “And then homophobic abuse: ‘You’re playing him all fey. Why is he wearing a dress?’”

“It’s weird,” he added. “It’s like the world hasn’t changed. People get upset about Harry Styles wearing a dress. So I’m happy that the film might be an education for people that breaks down some made-up version of David that they have in their mind.”

Johnny Flynn
Credit: Vertigo Releasing

The film focuses on Bowie in the 1970s, as he travels across the USA before making it big with his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

In a four-star review of StardustMusic News said that “the film works far better, then, as a revelatory road-trip movie rather than a biopic,” calling Flynn’s performance “beautifully troubled.”



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