Vidyut Jamwal, who is known for his performance, is equally prominent for martial arts and stunts, Kapil and Archana are also surprised to see the feats of their film reached the promotion of the wild on Kapil Sharma’s show. went.

Actor Vidyut Jamwal is presently in the promotion of his release film ‘Junglei’. When she went to Kamdian Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for the promotion of the film, she talked about her film ‘Junglei’ and surprised everyone with her superb stunts. Electricity is one of the top 6 martial arts players around the world.

Electricity has also been honored in an international competition martial arts in the past. On the show of Kapil, the electric ‘wild’ actress had reached with Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhatt. At the show, Kapil entertained the ‘wild’ stars and electrified the audience in front of the dangerous feats of martial arts on this occasion.

Kapil Sharma’s speech stopped watching the feats of electricity and the show’s judge, Archana Puran Singh, was also shock. Archana and the people present on the show were impressed with the art of power that all standing together with Archana fizzled out this wonderly stunts of Vidyut.

Electric Jamwal’s ‘wild’ action packed film. In addition to this, Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhatt, Makrand Deshpande and Atul Kulkarni are in the lead role. The film ‘Wild’ directed by American film director Chuck Russell has been produced by Wild Pictures. The film has been shot in many spectacular locations across the country. Especially, the best glimpse of South India will be seen. The film will be released on March 29 in theaters all over the country.


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