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Vaijayanthi Venkata, a 43-year-old working woman got infected with COVID-19 during the end of November 2020 and is still suffering from some of the post COVID symptoms.

I stayed alone for 8 months in 2020 and observed all lockdown measures and I didn’t even travel anywhere in an attempt to be careful. During the lockdown, I had my own challenges and had to manage myself all alone as my family was at my hometown and couldn’t travel or be around me. I have been a migraine sufferer for long and struggle with sleep issues and COVID just worsened it further.

My family returned post lockdown in October and I was thrilled to meet them all after 8 long months of wait. However, the day took a turnaround when my father (70yo) complained of vision issues and I had to start visiting hospitals for his tests and investigations. The family had to leave due to an emergency in our hometown.

I was precautious even then and was always wearing a mask, sanitizing hands etc. but I still am not sure from where I picked up the virus?

It began with throat pain and fever and I immediately self isolated and got my test done. I was heartbroken to see a positive result! I was at one of the corporate hospitals and went home for a couple of days, caring for myself all alone without any support literally!

After three days, my condition worsened and I got admitted in the same hospital where I was being treated previously.

During that time, I lost my sense of smell, taste and suffered with severe fatigue. I still suffer from severe headache, lack of sleep, palpitations and I become blank at times with slurred speech.

Prior to COVID -19 I survived a major accident in 2017 with fractures and other injuries too. All I can say is COVID just added more issues / impact even though I was precautious at all times.

I am trying to share my story to make people aware that it is excruciating to have COVID and we all need to be careful until we are vaccinated. I pray to God to save people from this dangerous virus since the after effects are dreadful.

I request all the readers to strictly follow the instructions / precautions ,given for the benefit of all!

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The views expressed in this article should not be considered as a substitute for a physician’s advice. Please consult your treating physician for more details.

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