AC/DC singer Bon Scott’s lost recordings with previous band Fraternity to be released | Music News

The complete recordings of 70s Australian progressive rock band Fraternity – which featured future AC/DC singer Bon Scott – will be released in a special remastered edition later this month.

The box set, titled ‘Seasons of Change – The Complete Recordings, 1970-1974’, was put together by Adelaide music promoter and historian Victor Marshall in collaboration with the band’s surviving members and their manager Hamish Henry.

Due to be released on January 22 via Cherry Red Records, the box-set includes the band’s two original albums – ‘Livestock’ and ‘Flaming Galah’ – along with their singles, remastered from Henry’s original tapes. Both feature Scott on lead vocals as well as recorder.

Also included is an entire, previously unreleased album, titled ‘Second Chance’, also featuring vocal and songwriting contributions from Scott. The singer was Fraternity’s lead vocalist between 1971-1973, joining AC/DC on vocals the following year until his death in 1980.

“It has been a dream come true to work with one of Australia’s most important pioneering pub rock bands,” commented Marshall in a statement. The historian found the lost recordings while conducting interviews for an upcoming biography he has written about the band.

“This project could not have been possible without the generosity of the band (Bruce Howe, John Freeman, John Bisset, Sam See, Mauri Berg, Uncle John Eyers & Tony Buettel) and the band’s original manager Hamish Henry. I hope that all the members of Fraternity will finally receive the recognition they deserve and have their real story told.”

Fraternity formed in Sydney, Australia in 1970, releasing debut album ‘Livestock’ the following year. Its follow-up, ‘Flaming Galah’, was released in 1972.

The band went through various lineups and names in their time, such as Fang and Some Dream, and briefly included Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes. Under their final moniker of Mickey Finn, the group disbanded in 1981.



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