Music world reacts to Daft Punk’s split: “An inspiration to all”

Fans and stars of the music and entertainment world have reacted to the news that Daft Punk have split up.

It was confirmed earlier today (February 22) that the French duo had called it quits after 28 years.

An eight-minute video called ‘Epilogue’ showed the pair – Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – in the desert in their trademark futuristic helmets. But when one of them hit a button, an explosion went off and the screen turned to black.

The video ended with a pair of robot hands alongside the dates 1993-2021. Their publicist later confirmed that the clip was announcing their split.

Since the news broke, fans and stars alike have taken to social media to share their reactions to Daft Punk being no more.

“Thank you Daft Punk,” Apple Music’s Zane Lowe wrote. “I guess we’re going to have to figure it out for ourselves from now on.”

“thinking about how every stage of my life would have gone so differently if it weren’t for Daft Punk,” wrote DJ/producer Porter Robinson in one tweet. In another, he reflected on his early memories of the group.

“thinking about being 11 and exploring limewire, searching “daft punk music videos” and seeing interstella 5555 piece by piece. seeing that fusion of electronic music and anime for the very first time . haahhhhhhghj damn i am crying.”

Producer and DJ TOKiMONSTA added: “i hope daft punk is playing us all and makes an epic come back.”

“No matter what, Daft Punk’s legacy on electronic music will always be something that I carry with me,” added fan @fibrealex. “They are an inspiration to all. Sad to see them go but glad that they were even a part of my life to begin with.”

See more reactions below.

Last year, Julian Casablancas revealed he’d been “trying to do something” with Daft Punk. The Strokes frontman previously collaborated with the duo on their 2013 single ‘Instant Crush’.

However, Casablancas had been told they weren’t “doing music right now”, with “one of them focused on video stuff and the other one kind of obsessing with ancient aliens or something”.



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