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9.6 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! This is very well played by Pooran! Flatter around leg, Pooran flicks this one to the fine leg area and will find the fence.
MI vs KXIP: Match 36: Nicholas Pooran hits Rahul Chahar for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 87/2 (10.0 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 9.0

9.5 overs (6 Runs)
SIX! BANG! Stand and deliver! What a shot this is! Pooran letting his intentions being known right at the start of his batting! Loopy ball around off, Pooran powers this one over the long off fence for a biggie.
MI vs KXIP: Match 36: It's a SIX! Nicholas Pooran hits Rahul Chahar. Kings XI Punjab 83/2 (9.5 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 9.25

9.4 overs (0 Run)
Flighted delivery around middle, Pooran blocks this off on his front foot.

9.3 overs (1 Run)
Floated around middle, Rahul tucks this to the mid-wicket region for a single.

9.2 overs (1 Run)
Pooran is off the mark! Flatter around middle, Pooran tucks this one towards the leg side for a single.

Nicholas Pooran is the next man in.

9.1 overs (0 Run)
OUT! CAUGHT! Rahul Chahar strikes and he grabs the big fish, Chris Gayle! Chahar lured Gayle with the wide ball and Gayle looked to go big but he holes out! This is flatter and outside off, Gayle looks for the big shot and heaves this one towards the long off region. It does not have enough juice for it to cross the ropes and it is straight down the throat of Trent Boult at long off. Chahar has done well to break this partnership as they were looking very good out in the middle.
MI vs KXIP: Match 36: WICKET! Chris Gayle c Trent Boult b Rahul Chahar 24 (21b, 1x4, 2x6). Kings XI Punjab 75/2 (9.1 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 9.42

8.6 overs (0 Run)
On a full length around middle, Rahul plays this back to the bowler. Coulter-Nile with a good over. Only 4 runs off this one.

8.5 overs (1 Run)
Back of a length ball outside off, Gayle reaches out and works this to the deep point region for another single. A good over so far by Coulter-Nile.

8.4 overs (1 Run)
Short of a good length around off and middle, Rahul tucks this to the mid-wicket region for one.

8.3 overs (0 Run)
A slower short length ball around off, Rahul makes some room and cuts this one but it is straight to the man at point.

8.2 overs (1 Run)
Back of a length ball around middle and leg, Gayle flicks this one to the leg side to run across for the single.

8.1 overs (1 Run)
On a good length on middle, Rahul tucks this one to the square leg region for a single.

7.6 overs (0 Run)
A dot to end the over as Gayle pushes this one to the point region. Rahul wants the single but Gayle sends him back.

7.5 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Gayle finds the gap on this occasion! He has hit this one with the turn! Flatter ball around leg, Gayle slog sweeps this one towards the deep square leg region and it crosses the fence.
MI vs KXIP: Match 36: Chris Gayle hits Rahul Chahar for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 71/1 (7.5 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 8.71

7.4 overs (2 Runs)
Another couple of runs as Gayle lofts this loopy ball over the cover region. It lands safe and the batters complete two runs.

7.3 overs (2 Runs)
Flatter ball around leg, Gayle sweeps this one towards the fine leg area. The batters come back for the second run.

7.2 overs (0 Run)
Flighted ball around off, Gayle defends this one out.

7.1 overs (1 Run)
Loopy ball around off, Rahul works this to the off side to collect a single.

Rahul Chahar comes into the attack.

6.6 overs (0 Run)
Slower short ball around off, Gayle sways away from it.

6.5 overs (6 Runs)
SIX! High and handsome! Brilliant batting from Gayle! Full ball on middle, Gayle powers it over long on for a maximum.
MI vs KXIP: Match 36: It's a SIX! Chris Gayle hits Kieron Pollard. Kings XI Punjab 62/1 (6.5 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 8.73

6.5 overs (1 Run)
WIDE! Way outside off, Gayle lets it go. Wide signalled.

6.4 overs (1 Run)
Full ball on middle, Rahul drives it past the bowler and towards long on. Boult runs across and then slides to make a good stop. Just a single.

6.3 overs (1 Run)
Good length ball on middle, Gayle heaves it to long on for a single.

6.3 overs (1 Run)
WIDE! Outside the tramline! Very full ball outside off, Gayle leaves it alone. Wided.

6.2 overs (0 Run)
Slower ball on the pads, Gayle defends it back to the bowler.

6.1 overs (1 Run)
Full on middle, Rahul works it to deep mid-wicket for a single.

DRINKS! Punjab needed a strong start if they wanted to chase this target down, they have done just that. First, it was the duo of Rahul and Mayank but then Mayank fell and in came Chris Gayle. Now, it is Gayle and Rahul out there and if they keep going the way they are, this total will be chased down with ease. But the bowling attack of Mumbai is no joke and they will be roaring to send these batters back to the hut. They will need to scalp some wickets if they are to stop them from chasing this down. An interesting spell of cricket awaits us. Kieron Pollard is handed the ball by Mumbai.

5.6 overs (1 Run)
Good length ball outside off, Rahul drives it to deep point for a single. Punjab are 51 for 1 at the end of the Powerplay. They need 126 in 14 overs.

5.5 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Smacked! Boult tried to go short but did not get enough bounce on it. Shortish on middle, Rahul powers it to the deep mid-wicket region for a boundary.
MI vs KXIP: Match 36: KL Rahul hits Trent Boult for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 50/1 (5.5 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 8.96

5.4 overs (0 Run)
Full ball on off, Rahul pushes it to mid off.

5.3 overs (6 Runs)
SIX! Hammered! This is excellent batting from Rahul! Short ball on middle, Rahul whacks it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.
MI vs KXIP: Match 36: It's a SIX! KL Rahul hits Trent Boult. Kings XI Punjab 46/1 (5.3 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 9.03

5.2 overs (0 Run)
Fullish ball outside off, Rahul drives it to point.

5.1 overs (0 Run)
On a length on off, Rahul taps it to point.

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