The list of 2022 Tony Awards nominees — announced early Monday morning — is a picture of pandemic theater.

Following a truly unique season on the Great White Way, Tonys voters largely shirked spring celebrity this year

including acting nods for Plaza Suite‘s Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick,

Macbeth’s Daniel Craig and Funny Girl‘s Beanie Feldstein

in favor of honoring many of the season’s fall and early winter shows,

which took the plunge and reopened New York’s theater district after COVID-19 shut it down for nearly two years.

The 2022 nominees landscape includes early openers like Ruben Santiago

Hudson’s one-man show Lackawanna Blues and the rock concert-esque retelling of the lives of Henry VIII’s wives SIX:

The Musical — runs that not only beat back big-named competition and pandemic

weary audiences on their way to earning nominations but navigated the season’s strictest version

2022 Tony Nominations