“Ambulance” is an exhausting and inane action thriller that exhibits everything wrong with the excess of filmmaker Michael Bay.

Bay is the blockbuster auteur (yes, he’s something of an original)

responsible for some of movie history's biggest box office successes.

Alas, his era is woefully long past its expiration date.“Ambulance” is an adaptation of a well-received 2005

Danish film that ran an efficient 80 minutes (including credits!). Bay, the master of surplus,

pushes his version to a ridiculous two hours and 16 minutes. This length includes a tone-deaf,

melodramatic prologue that is embarrassingly ill-conceived on almost every level.

The derivative story has decorated war hero Will Sharp (“Candyman’s” Yahya Abdul-Mateen II)

so desperate enough for money that he teams up with his criminal adoptive brother Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) to pull a massive bank heist.

The impulsively constructed crime has Will joining the operation mere minutes before it begins.

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