The acclaimed documentary directed by Academy Award-winner Morgan Neville about the life of writer,

chef and cultural explorer Anthony Bourdain. Neville chronicles Bourdain’s trajectory from New York

chef to celebrated author to beloved globe-trotting TV personality, 

and tries to shed some light on the mystery of his 2018 suicide at age 61. According to CNN,

the film examines Bourdain’s “passions and inner struggles and combs through his final months

 with deeply personal recollections from Bourdain’s friends and family.”

Bourdain became wildly successful after the publication of his 2000 memoir “Kitchen Confidential,”

which drew from his years working in New York City restaurants. The documentary tracks the rapid transformation

that followed in Bourdain’s life, as he moved from line cook to global-trotting explorer and television host.

Neville had access to hours of Bourdain’s professional archive, family photos, home video, personal letters,

Anthony Bourdain Roadrun