The sequel to James Cameron's 2009 epic Avatar finally has a teaser trailer and has sparked a debate among movie buffs on Twitter.

Avatar: The Way of Water has finally been announced for a late 2022 release and the sci-fi adventure will likely be one of the biggest movie releases of the year.

The blockbuster cost a staggering $250 million to make and boasts groundbreaking

special effects and underwater filming technologies—but after 13 years, do people even care?

This is the opinion that seems to be dividing the discourse on Twitter this morning.

"Film twitter trying so hard to not admit Avatar 2 looks awesome," reads one meme.

Another person tweeted: "I feel like I'm being gaslit by people excited over Avatar 2.

We just got done with a decade of people going 'hey I barely remember that movie'

and 'actually the story wasn't that good and it was very derivative'

and now you're telling me you're excited about this franchise???"

Avatar 2 Trailer