The New York Police Department said it has identified a person of interest in the subway car shooting that left 10 people shot in Brooklyn Tuesday morning.

Chief James Essig told reporters that a cache of weapons was recovered at the scene, including guns, ammunition,

a hatchet, gasoline, and a pair of keys to a U-Haul van. Investigators found the vehicle parked in Brooklyn

and have since linked it to a man named Frank R. James, who appears to have rented it in Philadelphia.

Essig described James as a 62-year-old man "with addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia."

"We are endeavoring to locate him to determine his connection to the subway shooting, if any," he said.

Essig offered several new details about the shooting, which occurred just before 8:30 a.m.

"As that N train was between stations at 59th Street and 36th Street, seated in the second car,

in the rear corner was a dark skin male," Essig said during an evening press conference.

 "As the train pulled into the station, witness say the man opened up two smoke grenades, brandishes

Brooklyn subway shooting