Chicago Fire left some dangling plot threads last episode. The biggest thread was the fate of Chief Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas),

who got caught kissing Violet (Hanako Greensmith) on the job and was faced with being fired.

The latest episode, titled “Keep You Safe”, provided resolution to this subplot as well

as the one involving Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and the adoption of a little boy into his family.

In this sense, the title of the episode doubles as a personal as well as professional mission statement.

Be warned that the rest of the post contains detailed spoilers for the latest episode of Chicago Fire!

What happened on Chicago Fire last night? (April 6th)The episode kicks off

with Cruz and Chloe (Kristen Gutoskie) adjusting to life with Javier, the aforementioned little boy.

They love having him around, but they also know it’s important to reunite him with biological family,

so they’re trying desperately not to get too attached to him. Once Cruz arrives on the job,

Chicago Fire spoilers