A Chicago-area teenager has come up with a creative way to save money for college by working as the Easter Bunny.

Kayden Myers, 13, told FOX Business he came up with the idea last year as the COVID-19 pandemic was keeping people indoors.

"No one could really go out and see the Easter Bunny," Myers said. That’s when he brainstormed

with his parents and came up with the idea of being the Easter bunny for children in his neighborhood.

Myers said he goes to houses in his neighborhood, lays out Easter eggs for the children, and takes pictures.

When the kids are looking for the Easter eggs, the parents pay him, Myers told FOX Business.

Last year, he estimated he made around $1,200. This year, profits were less – around $700 – as inflation and high gas prices bit into people’s wallets.

"It all went into my college savings," Myers told FOX Business.
He got some additional money in tips,

which he said he has invested in cryptocurrencies. "I’m going to try and do it as long as I can," Myers said.

"Maybe when I’m near the end of high school, I might not be able to, but I’m going to try to do it as long as I can."

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