Role playing games possess a certain escapist thrill, but what happens when fantasy creeps into reality?

Today’s popular user-driven experience gets a nostalgic 1980s makeover in “Choose or Die,”

the terrifying refrain in a game with extremely high stakes. The brisk and clever horror thriller pushes

the idea of a cursed survival game to sinister ends, creating a world where every choice has cruel — and very real — consequences.

Anchored by a scrappy coder heroine named Kayla (Iola Evans), whose tough exterior is armor for a difficult home life,

the film offers a fresh take on a smart concept through the eyes of a compelling teenager. More leads like this, please.

“Choose or Die” is a perfect entry point into genre for younger viewers, one that will also satisfy

old school diehards even as it takes some pointed (perhaps deserved?) jabs at them.

The film opens with a scene of domestic strife: A mother and son argue heatedly as Hal (Eddie Marsan) 

eavesdrops from his game cave in a detached state of apathy.

Choose or Die Review