Composer Danny Elfman perforned an unusual show at Coachella over the weekend,

with a set list that included the "Simpsons" theme and a song from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

The crowd was also treated to tracks off his latest solo album "Big Mess,"

songs from films he's scored, and a number of Oingo Boingo tunes.

Elfman had promised concertgoers "a strange little show,

which included himself shirtless backed by a full symphony.

His list made the rounds on social media, and included "Insects" (Oingo Boingo),

"Spider-Man Main Title", "Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)" (Oingo Boingo),

"Just Another Day" (Oingo Boingo), "Breakfast Machine" (from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure), "Kick Me",

"The Batman Theme", "Ice Dance / The Grand Finale" (from "Edward Scissorhands").

Danny Elfman performs