Amid some of the Detroit Tigers’ injuries that hindered their roster to start the 2022 season, leading to some call-backs from the minor-league roster. 

One of those players who was called back to big-league camp and will have a spot on the Tigers roster is reliever Jacob Barnes.

The Detroit Tigers opted to take a flier on Barnes, which is not the worst idea. Now, looking at the Tigers roster,

he’s not going to be a huge addition, but there is value to what Barnes can bring to the table.

Though he is more than likely going to be considered a depth arm and spend the bulk of his time with the Toledo Mud Hens in Triple-A,

the Tigers should be looking to give Barnes a chance.Letting Fetter work with him will only help his ceiling for the 2022 season.

For Barnes, it’s going to be a refining of how he attacks hitters. Despite a lack of success so far,

Barnes’s stuff should allow him to be serviceable and could have him be a quality early-bullpen option for the Tigers.

Detroit Tigers reliever Jacob Barnes has a chance ahead of him.

Barnes has bounced around the league for the past six seasons, spending time with six teams

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