DJ Kay Slay, an influential member of the New York hip-hop scene whose raucous mixtapes became legendary,

has died from Covid-19 complications.
His family confirmed his death through a 

statement released by New York hip-hop radio station HOT 97. He was 55.

Kay Slay, whose real name was Keith Grayson, was a DJ at HOT 97.

But he had been a star of the genre since the early 1990s, when mixtapes he produced

featured up-and-comers and superstar rappers like Jay-Z and later, Eminem.

A young Kay Slay appeared in the seminal 1983 documentary "Style Wars,"

which explored New York's burgeoning hip-hop scene. Then an East Harlem graffiti artist

primarily using the name Dez, he tagged the sides of subway train cars,

calling himself the "king of the number three train."

DJ Kay Slay dies from Covid-19