Many are speculating whether or not Doja Cat is serious about retiring from the rap game.

Throughout the years Doja has been killing the game, writing songs true to herself and her audience,

however, that soon may end. Doja Cat’s retirement announcement was made on

March 25 following several heated back and forths between her fans.

Many of her followers demanded an apology.
Fans accused Doja of being rude,

and aggressive in response to the replies on Twitter. Following her performance

at the Asunciónico music festival being canceled due to a major storm, Doja took to Twitter heated.

A week after her announcement she received her Grammy for “Kiss Me More” with SZA.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, Doja Cat briefly addressed retiring from music.

Focusing solely on having a good night, she dodged the question as best she could.

Doja Cat retiring