The oil lobby in the battleground state of Pennsylvania has found an unlikely,

but powerful, friend in Dr. Mehmet Oz, celebrity doctor and host of the Dr. Oz Show

and recent advisor on coronavirus to the Trump administration.
The Ivy League-educated TV-star

turned-Trump-admin-advisor has recently embraced fracking in his bid for senate in Pennsylvania,

, announced in November. Speaking at a candidate town hall in Hershey,Pennsylvania last week,

Oz advocated for increasing production of natural gas to solve global supply chain issues and best serve the environment.

“If we were to use our natural gas right here, from under our feet, and use it to replace dirty coal from overseas manufacturers,

it would be the equivalent of electrifying every U.S. car, plus putting a solar panelon every roof,

plus doubling wind energy production — all together,” he said during the forum.

The move represents an about-face from Oz, who has in the past authored a number of columns

Oz Loves Fracking Now