For the thousands and thousands of fans inside the Camp Nou, this was a night they would never forget.

They had got there early, a huge mass of them walking from the city centre, congregating in Plaça de Catalunya,

flooding up Avinguda de Sarriá and turning onto Diagonal. Occupying the road, no place for cars, it was like some giant march,

an endless sea of supporters singing in the evening sunshine. The noise didn't stop when they occupied their seats,

which they didn't occupy for long: after just four minutes they were on their feet celebrating the opening goal, a roar rolling 'round.

They had started before that, whistling their opponents and cheering their players as the teams were read out.

Nor was that the only goal: two more followed and so did a famous victory,

even if there were nerves in the final minutes as it seemed a comeback might happen,

the referee implored to blow for full-time. When he did, their place in the Europa League semifinals secured,

they didn't leave: instead, they stood, applauded and sang.

Frankfurt fans filled Nou