In Gaslit, Starz’s new retelling of the Watergate conspiracy, it’s no surprise that G. Gordon Liddy is the first to grab the mic.

“History isn’t written by the feeble masses — the pissants, the commies, the queers and the women,”

the political zealot tells us. “It is written and rewritten by soldiers carrying the banner of kings.”

As he lectures, he’s scorching his hand over an open flame and embracing the pain.

Thus is our introduction to this fresh spin on Nixon’s re-election campaign and the scandal that followed, only this time,

the story revolves around the lesser-known character who made up his inner circle.

In addition to Shea Whigham’s Liddy (read our Q&A with the actor here), Julia Roberts stars as Martha Mitchell, 

a socialite from Arkansas who becomes the first person to publicly speak about Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate break in.

It’s a tale woven deeply into the fabric of American history, but here it’s told with a quirky sense of humor and from a fresh new angle.

The series begins in 1972, five months before the break in, as Martha “the mouth of the south” Mitchell,

Gaslit Premiere Recap