When Halle Berry took to the beach on Sunday, she struck some very glamourous and eye-catching poses.

The actress' stunning appearance even stopped Hollywood A-listers in their tracks.

The Oscar winner took to Instagram to share a snap of herself wearing tiny, high-cut black bikini bottoms and a billowing sheer black cover-up.

Always one to add a quirky twist to her ensembles, Halle accessorised with retro lace, fingerless mittens and diamante cat-eye sunglasses. 

The stunning mother-of-two likely predicted the impact she would have and had fun with her pose - the knowing smile said it all.

Hundreds of thousands of fans including Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon rushed to Instagram to cheer Halle on and marvel at the 55-year-old's gym-honed physique.

The incredible outfit sent her fans into overdrive because her entire look paid homage to many of the characters she is famous for playing.

Her new white-blond highlights were reminiscent of her character Storm's hair in X-men, starring Hugh Jackman.

Her feline shades and raised hand were unmistakably 2004's Catwoman and who could forget her beach entrance as the 'Bond Girl' named Jinx in Die Another Day.

The Monster's Ball star captioned the post: "Nisi all grown up #BAPSvibes,"

Halle Berry poses