Actor Johnny Depp returned to the witness stand in a Virginia courtroom on Wednesday,

a day after he first testified against his ex-wife Amber Heard,

whom he is suing for defamation for $50 million after she accused him of domestic abuse.

Under questioning by his attorney, Depp described to the jury how he and Heard would engage in long verbal fights,

saying she repeatedly criticized him as being a bad father and used a "rapid-fire, sort of endless parade of insults" against him.

"I was suddenly just wrong — about everything," Depp said. He later added,

"Ms. Heard was unable to be wrong. It just didn't happen."

Both of them began recording their fights, he said, after they disagreed over what was said.

He accused Heard of "performing for the tape" in the recordings and of trying to surreptitiously record him,

stating that there "was something slightly rotten in the state of Denmark, as it were."

Johnny Depp testifies