Kirstie Alley was revealed as Baby Mammoth on Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer on Fox.

The 71-year-old former Cheers star and Golden Globe winner was unmasked after she received the least amount of votes from the show's panelists.

Before her unmasking the panelists were unclear on her true identity.

Ken Jeong, 52, insisted Baby Mammoth was Reese Witherspoon.

Robin Thicke, 45, said it was Kristen Dunst. Nicole Scherzinger, 43, thought it might be Rachael Ray.

Jenny McCarthy, 49, correctly guessed from the clues that it was Kirstie.

Show host Nick Cannon, 41, asked Kirstie after she took off her giant Baby Mammoth pink fluffy mask what brought her to The Masked Singer.

'I've done a lot of things in my career, but I've never gotten to be in the circus,' Kirstie said, still wearing the bottom half of her pink fluffy costume.

'What was your favorite part of this entire process?' Nick asked.
'I have grandchildren and they're really young,

so they are going to think this is good,' Kirstie replied.
'You were so good,' Nicole said.

Kirstie Alley performing