Walt Disney dropped a third theatrical trailer for Pixar’s Lightyear this morning,

one timed to play with DreamWorks Animation’s (pretty damn enjoyable)

The Bad Guys this weekend. We may or may not see another tease timed for Top Gun:

Maverick on May 27 (seems too good to resist), but otherwise, this works as a “final trailer.”

After two teases that mostly coasted on the generic outer-space adventure and IP nostalgia,

this one dives headfirst into the plot, including a major twist that makes the timing of its theatrical release a bit ironic.

The trailer opens with Lightyear’s (professional/platonic) relationship with Alisha Hawthorne

(Uzo Aduba) before he sets off on a mission that accidentally (?) sends him 65 years into the future.

Now he’s a man out of time, yearning for the life he left behind and working alongside the granddaughter of his old colleague

(Keke Palmer) and dealing with the arrival of Zurg (Josh Brolin) and his robot army.

Lightyear Trailer