A high school comedy about an Ozzy-obsessed outcast who ropes his only friend into forming

a post-death metal duo called SkullFucker in order to win the Battle of the Bands

(and prove his value to all of the popular kids in their Portland suburb),

Peter Sollett’s “Metal Lords” is small and patchy even by the standards of a throwaway Netflix movie that feels like it’s already been forgotten for you.

Screenwriter D.B. Weiss may be a bonafide head-banger who’s spent most of his career trying

to bring SkullFucker to the screen — the “Game of Thrones” co-creator first began shopping

the script before he ever stepped foot in Westeros — but most of the story beats in this overfamiliar coming-of-age

saga are as metal as the Imagine Dragons cover that SkullFucker’s rivals

bust out during the climactic face-off. It isn’t until the third act that

“Metal Lords” finally shreds with any of the rage against the machine

Metal Lords Review