What happens to a superhero whose superpowers are suddenly taken away?

What good is a Moon Knight who’s no longer a knight powered by the moon?

How long can such a person last? About 50 minutes, give or take.

“The Tomb,” Moon Knight Episode 4 follows Steven Grant and Layla,

the estranged wife of Grant’s Marc Spector personality, as they attempt to infiltrate the tomb of Ammit

and stop her dangerous follower Arthur Harrow from resurrecting her

all without Marc’s avatar powers to protect them now that Khonshu has been sealed away by the other gods.

It…doesn’t go well. I mean, it goes alright for a while, before Marc confesses to being present

at the mercenary raid during which Layla’s archaeologist father was killed (Marc himself was shot by his own partner),

then gets shot by Harrow, then tumbles into a pool of water and floats off into nothingness.

Moon Knight Episode 4