The penultimate episode of Moon Knight certainly borrows a lot from fellow Disney+ Marvel show WandaVision.

Our protagonist is forced to confront their past and the secrets to their fractured mental state through mystical means.

While WandaVision explained the transformation of Westview, the rebirth of Vision,

and even Wanda’s interest in sitcom tropes, Moon Knight gets into both his mercenary career and the genesis of his dissociative identity disorder.

Or, to be more specific, we know why Marc Spector created Steven Grant and why their worlds have been crashing together lately.

The ominous third personality isn’t explained, but “Jake” does appear to be hiding in plain sight.

Unlike WandaVision, the events in this episode (plus the final minutes of the previous one) are a little dicey.

There are basically three different realities being stacked onto each other and it’s difficult to 100% know what’s what.

First you have what we imagine to be the regular world where Moon Knight is just one of many heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The same world we’ve watched for four episodes, up until Marc Spector was shot in the chest.

Moon Knight Episode