My, what sharp teeth he has — and what lovely skin, too. One of the revelations of “Morbius”

the latest movie to take a marginal Marvel character out of mothballs for his blockbuster close-up

To judge by the chiseled planes of Morbius’s arms and torso, pounding shots of the slurpy stuff also

builds muscles much faster than mainlining anabolic steroids can.Still, the bigger surprise about

“Morbius” is that it doesn’t suck, at least as a movie. Against the odds and despite the insufferable persona 

that its star Jared Leto has cultivated, it provides all you want from a diversion about a brilliant scientist

with bottomless financial resources (as well as a hot but smart assistant) who,

after refusing his Nobel for his genius scientific invention, secretly develops a serum that turn him into a batlike creature with razor nails,

great powers and a hunger for human blood. It also runs under two hours, i.e.,

a full hour less than that recent slugfest “The Batman.” I mean, what’s not to like?

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