It’s always the quiet ones!
Collective church mice Lizzie Wemyss and Jo and Kezzie Beardsley let their freak flags fly in a big way in Sunday’s Outlander, 

admitting to Jamie and Claire that a) they’re a thruple, and b) Lizzie is pregnant with one of the Beardsley twins’ baby,

but that neither she nor the brothers are sure whose the child is.

And honestly, thank GOODNESS. The lightly comic subplot is very welcome, given that Claire is dogged by a vision one of the men who raped her,

then ends the hour having that man’s brother arrest her for murder.

At least she admits to Jamie that she’s been huffing ether to escape, so that’s something, right?

In the aftermath of Malva’s death, a stonefaced Tom merely wants to know how quickly his daughter lingered before she passed.

Claire, still in shock, says it likely would have been quick. “No time to pray for forgiveness then,” he grunts,

then decides that Malva and her infant son will be buried in the woods rather than sully the consecrated grounds of the graveyard with their sinful corpses.

But Claire and Jamie override him, saying that they’ll have a service, and Roger will lead it.

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