On April 4, a police officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shot and killed a Black man named Patrick Lyoya during a traffic stop,

having pulled him over because of his vehicle’s allegedly improper registration.

Police have not disclosed the officer’s name, though according to the New York Times,

his Taser and gun were the only weapons discovered at the crime scene, meaning 26-year-old Lyoya was unarmed.

Video from the incident shows a man who seems confused by an officer’s abrupt and shouted orders,

which quickly escalate into a physical altercation.

Grand Rapids Police Department chief Eric Winstrom reportedly described the shooting

as a “tragedy” and said he planned to “look into” it but did not offer further comment.

At a press conference on April 13, Grand Rapids city manager Mark Washington released four videos offering different angles on the shooting.

“When I saw the video, it was painful to watch, and I immediately asked, ‘What caused this to happen?’” he said.

Patrick Lyoya Killing