WandaVision star and Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran Paul Bettany believes

he may return to the role of The Vision at some point in the future.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bettany initially joked

about not reprising the role "for any kind of money at all" when asked 

about Vision before answering the question more seriously. "No, the honest answer to that is

well maybe it's not the honest answer, but it's the answer I'm going to give you

and you'll just have to cope with it — at the end of WandaVision, you see Vision fly off and that's a loose end," he said.

"And [Marvel Studios President/Marvel CCO] Kevin Feige is a man who doesn't really allow loose ends.

So I assume at some point I will be putting on my tights and cloak for another outing,

but I don't know when that might be."

Paul Bettany Says