BUDAPEST — Overshadowed by the war in Ukraine, elections on Sunday in Hungary and Serbia looked set to extend the rule of Europe’s two most Kremlin-friendly leaders,

both populist strongmen fortified by their overwhelming control of the media and cheap energy from Russia.

Opinion polls indicated that Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister since 2010,

and already Europe’s longest serving leader, would win a fourth consecutive term despite accusations by the opposition

that he has enabled Russia’s military onslaught by cozying up for years to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymr Zelensky, speaking in the capital of Kyiv on Sunday, 

described Mr. Orban as “virtually the only one in Europe to openly support Mr. Putin.”

Asked about Mr. Zelensky’s assessment after casting his vote in Budapest Sunday morning,

Mr. Orban said curtly: “Mr. Zelensky is not voting today. Are there any other questions?”

President Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia, who is also Moscow-friendly, has governed Serbia since 2012.

Russia-Ukraine War