SAN FRANCISCO — As Austin Slater’s line drive bounced around the left-field corner,

every pair of eyes inside Oracle Park fixated on Darin Ruf, the big guy lugging his way around second base,

then around third, and finally home, scoring the walk-off run in the Giants’ 6-5, 10-inning Opening Day win.

Everyone else in the ballpark was looking at Ruf, but Ruf was zeroed in on the right arm of third-base coach Mark Hallberg,

rotating like a windmill on hyper speed. As Ruf slid across home plate, there was Hallberg,

who had made it almost the entire 90 feet to home plate with the runner he sent.

His twirling arms changed direction to motion “safe!” in unison with home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez.

It was a heck of an ending to Hallberg’s major league debut as the Giants’ third base coach,

earning an unprompted postgame shout-out from manager Gabe Kapler.
“Obviously,” Kapler said, “our third-base coach made an excellent,

excellent decision that helped us win the baseball game.”Hallberg, 36, was a member of Kapler’s staff the past two seasons

SF Giants Opening Day