This morning, SpaceX successfully launched a new crew of four astronauts to orbit on the company’s Crew Dragon spacecraft

a group that includes three customers who have reportedly paid millions for their seats.

The four private flyers, riding to space with a commercial aerospace company called Axiom Space,

are now en route to the International Space Station after launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

When they dock with the ISS tomorrow morning, they’ll become the first entirely private crew of astronauts to visit and live on the orbiting lab. 

The crew is slated to spend roughly eight days on the ISS, where they’ll conduct a total of 25 science experiments lasting a cumulative 100 hours.

Their mission, called Ax-1, is the first in a series of four missionsthat Axiom plans to conduct in partnership with SpaceX.

Axiom’s long-term goal is to build a fleet of commercial space stations,

beginning with Axiom Station. The company plans to attach the first module of Axiom Station to the ISS as early

as 2024 before eventually breaking away and building a free-flying platform.

Michelle Yeoh is s