Hulu's latest true-crime documentary, "Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story,"

traces the nearly unbelievable tale of the Stayner family. One brother, Steven,

was the victim of a nationally publicized kidnapping and child-abuse case, while another, Cary, later became a serial killer.

Steven Stayner's tragic story didn't end with his kidnapping, though.

Here's what to know about the man whose life was upended so early on.

Be warned: this story involves mentions of child abuse. Steven Stayner was the middle child of five siblings living with their parents in Merced,

CA. In 1972, when he was just 7 years old, a stranger convinced him that his mother had asked him

to pick Stayner up and bring him home. Stayner got in the car and wasn't seen again for eight years.

The kidnapper was convicted child rapist Kenneth Parnell along with his accomplice, Ervin Murphy.

Parnell manipulated Stayner into believing that his own family didn't want him anymore and that Parnell was his "dad" now.

Steven Stayner's Short Life