Taylor Swift dropped her latest track remake Friday morning, letting fans know that “This Love” is “alive, back from the dead.”

Swift’s eight-year-old pop ballad from her hit album “1989” got a refresh when it was released at midnight as “This Love (Taylor’s Version).”

The new track left fans buzzing about whether “1989” could be the next album

Swift rerecords as part of her master plan to remake the bulk of her catalogue.

“This Love (My version!) is out & I’m currently reliving the 1989 tour in my head and spiraling,

it’s fine,” Swift announced early Friday on Instagram.

Like her other rerecorded takes, “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” features some artistic tweaks to the original song.

The intro was changed, and the melody is infused with a more indie-genre vibe.

Swift’s voice also sounds less processed, though her lyrics about the resurrection of a long-lost love remain the same.

The song initially began as a “fun, short little poem” she said she wrote in her journal in 2012.

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