The Texas Rangers spent the vast majority of their $580.7 million in guaranteed contracts to upgrade

an offense that ranked near the very bottom of Major League Baseball in every major category.

As for the pitching, much like 2021, this will be a year of evaluation.

$56 million secured Jon Gray, a quality veteran starter to front the 2022 rotation.

The 30-year-old Gray is a significant improvement from Jordan Lyles and Mike Foltynewicz,

who served as veteran leaders last year. However, Gray comes with his own concerns.

His career 4.59 ERA doesn't scream "top-of-the-rotation starter," but a move away from Colorado could help him find more consistency.

Gray has always had the stuff, and now he's sporting a new slider that could help him miss more bats. 

Maybe all Gray needs is getting away from the cruel back-and-forth between mile-high Coors Field and sea-level ballparks.

For optimism, the Rangers have a good track record of signing veteran pitchers and helping them get to another level.

Texas Rangers 2022