If we learned one thing from the Severance finale, it’s that the series really wants us in for the long run.

The ninth and final episode of Severance’s first season revealed a plethora of information about the outside world,

not only to the audience but to Mark, Helly, and Irv’s innies as well.

As Dylan barely holds on to the override switches that keep the innies in the outside world,

Severance finally gives us the big reveals we’ve been waiting for all season.

While we had already seen a small bit of Irv’s life—his paintings of the hallway Ms. Casey disappeared down

we were finally given a bit of context for it. Alongside the dozens of paintings in his basement,

Irv’s outie had hidden information about Lumon’s severed employees,

including the address of Burt G., who he quickly sets off to find despite the fact that he should have no idea how to travel from point A to point B.

Despite not really knowing how to drive, Irv manages to figure out his outie’s car and make it all the way to Burt’s house,

Severance Season Finale